Person of Interest

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Person of Interest:  The definition of a person that is seen as a possible criminal, usually, after the (alleged) act of murder.  But a person of interest could be a good person too; right?

Who is this ‘person of interest’?  When I was single, and on the prowl, I was fond of a girl that worked at a pizza store.  She was a ‘person of interest’ to me.  Actually, I was never “on the prowl.”  I was single and hopeful, but that’s another story.  You don’t really want to hear that sad story now; do you?  Let’s move on.  When this girl thought that she was being stalked (her words, not mine), I was seen by the police as a ‘person of interest’.  Just because I was single and hopeful doesn’t mean that I was a stalker.  Disclaimer:  I am not, nor was I ever a stalker.  It’s a sad fact that I have to even mention that in these politically correct times.

If I were surfing (an activity that I swore I would never do again) and a shark happened to take a bite out of me, which resulted in the unplanned amputation of my arm or leg, I would be a ‘person of interest’ to the media.  But, what of the shark?  I guess that would make the shark a Selachimorpha of interest (big fish with sharp teeth).  No I didn’t just pull that word out of my head – I’m simply an interested person who looked up that fact in Wikipedia; keeping me honest, looking out for your interests – so to speak.  There’s no need for you to look up that word; it exists.  I verified it.  It’s not good to be too interested, just interested enough.  You see, we’re all persons of interest in one way or another.

The goal, I think, is to strive to be a person of interest at the right time; like a bride or groom, the winner of the lottery or a just a girl who works at a pizza store.  Not like an alleged murderer, or a Selachimorpha (shark – remember?)


Britton Minor October 29, 2010 at 6:53 AM  

As an "interested person" I have recently discovered that while I am not (usually) a Selachimorpha, I am indeed a misocapnist, though one who harbors no ill will towards the smoker herself. And I must admit that if I could become a "Callipygian", I might definitely be a "person of interest" to my husband, and perhaps a stranger or two...

Don March October 29, 2010 at 8:32 AM  

You have certainly been successful in adding two new words to my lexicon, although it's not likely that I will be using them in daily conversation. However, you may have uncovered a new dilemma for males worldwide: can a misocapnist find a callipygian smoker to be a person of interest? It's a prospect that I will have to ponder further.

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